Managing it Right was built with small and midsize businesses in mind. Our features are specifically designed to optimize the management of production-style businesses. Learn how Managing it Right can benefit your business today with a demo.

Schedule Management

Shared scheduling allows you to track job parts, types, contingencies, vendors, timelines, purchase orders and status all in one screen. With our smart schedules your project can stay on task and prevent delays.

Job schedules conveniently display job details directly above each schedule

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The schedule can be viewed from start to finish or search for related schedule dates by vendor.

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Upon payment, the PO will turn green and show that it has been paid.

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Accounting & Reporting

Track spending easily within the Managing it Right system through our accounting features that provide reporting and can simplify the amount of systems you are currently using. Track purchase orders easily with color-coded status. Your vendors can also fo

Make Payments

Making payments has never been easier. Our system will track your POs and allow you to print cheques directly from the purchase order. Prefer to manually write cheques, no problem. Just enter the cheque number and mark as paid.

Click to print cheque and the next cheque number will automatically be pulled or you can enter the number manually for a hand-written cheque.

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Click mark as paid to complete the transaction. Once marked as paid, the PO cannot be changed.

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The notes section below the PO creates a note each time the status changes and logs the user who made the change. Add your own custom notes along the way.

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Track job data, communications, changes to status, and notes. By utilizing Managing it Right software for your project management you will have a record of updates and changes as they are made.

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